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Hiring Hair Dressers

Pdxhairextensions is expanding quickly, we are overbooked as it is with our clientele. Having a hard time getting anybody else in. We are the number one place to do hair extension, we have all the hair and everything available for you to do an amazing job. 


~You must have high standards

~Detail oriented, clean and organized with your work station. 

~You must be able to flat iron perfectly.

~You must be able to cut and blend hair. 

~You must be a team player and friendly. 

~good customer skills 


We take a lot of pride in the end result of our clients hair extensions, we mainly deal with people who are emotionally traumatized from something. About haircut, treated poorly in a salon, their color burnt off so they have to get extensions. Multiple reasons people come to us to get their hair extensions done.


In return-

You will get paid a commission, Of course after you have gone through training and or can prove that this is something you can do. It will take a little time, but trust me we need you on the floor faster than later. We are a private location that is 6000 ft.². We have a ton of space for us as hairdressers. We have a full Hair dispensary, and color dispensary. We have an office and a lounge area. We also have another side to our building that has space to lease for tattoo artist, skin care artist, barber, and personal trainer. We have a café. And this is all private and very difficult to find. But once our clients find it. It’s an oasis. A place to get away from everything else. You also get to make your own schedule within reason. You get a lot of flexibility. And you have a schedule system that is managed for you. As well as you will have access to it. This is truly a dream job.


DO NOT WALK IN -text first or email us- 503-380-5585


If this is something you are interested in. Please contact me through this post with all the information you can give me. Please do not just send me a message saying you’re interested. I get far too many messages about this position as it is and we have not hired anybody do to help picky we are.

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