We have hair

And we have a huge color selection. 

We are much more affordable then any other salon and our quality is the best. 

We provide all the hair, with a full inventory in our shop, their is never an additional charge for multiple colors. We strive to be the best, to do so.

We put 100-125 grams of hair depending on the clients needs. If you need more hair then this, we will be able to tell you before the service starts and it will be also quoted the cost at the time, usually you can send us a picture of your hair and what type you want and we can do the consultation over the phone. 


All though we don't recommend,  we can install or reinstall any other manufacturer's  products. 

our hair is: 

100% organic

100% real

100% Remy

100% silky soft

Get the hair you always wanted!


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