We provide all the hair, with a full inventory in our shop, their is never an additional charge for multiple colors, hair cuts are included. We also provide the shampoo, conditioner and a couple styling products that are included........ We show only straight hair, its hard to hide imperfections with straight hair, Curled hair can hide thin hair and holes. We strive to be the best, to do so, we straighten the hair to catch the imperfections. We put 100-150 grams of hair depending on the clients needs. We can install or reinstall any other manufacturer's  products. 

our hair is: 

100% organic

100% real

100% Remy

100% silky soft

Hair Extensions types.

  • Fusion 

    • Hot fusion​

    • Beauty locks

    • Balmain Hair Extensions

    • Cinderella hair 

    • Great lengths

    • Hair Dreams

  • Tape ins

  • Micro links

    • Cold fusion​

    • Keratin bond

  • Micro wefts

    • Klix

    • Easihair pro

  • Clip ins

    • So.Cap.Usa​

    • Beauty locs

  • Great Lengths

      I am a very established Hair dresser specialist, I have been doing extensions longer then any other hairdressers here in Portland! We have inventory on hand and in the shop. So no need to purchase your own. 

Beauty locs are the longest lasting and most natural way to have extensions, these are typically the ones used on actors in hollywood. 

* They last around 3-6 months. 

* Stylable and Washable

* 100% Remy

* 100% Organic real hair

*Best Quality hair

*takes around 3 hours to install

* I use enough hair to completely fill your hair 


I have done hair for TV, Commercials, News Casters and Hollywood. I don't always take before and after; So not all my work is published.

     I'm fast and afordable, I will be honest about what to expect.