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Color Kits:

In order for us to create your color kits, we need you to answer a few questions. In the message box,

1.) If you know what color your hairdressers uses, you can include that in the message.


2.) Let us know if you want enough color to do all your roots, or just enough to do the perimeter of your hair. 

             a.) Full kit is $60.00

             b.) Perimeter kit $35.00 

We will do our best to get your color as close as possible and once you contact us we will ask more questions and have you send us a picture of your hair. If you prefer, you can text all the information and pictures to 503-713-7000 

Lets get through this still Looking Great!

Any other questions can be addressed the same way. use the contact form or text us for any thing you need to have answered.