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 At PDX Hair Extentions, we have   inventory in stock to get you the  hair  you want as quickly as you  want it.  Using only the best quality  of hair at  affordable prices. 

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Meet the Team

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Hair Extension & Color Gals
Kymie | Amie | Hannah

Kymie is the proud owner and Master stylist at PDX Hair Extensions. With over 19 years in the industry, Kym is an internationally celebrated hairstylist, educator, trainer, influencer, and beauty innovator.

Amie,  has been off and on with me for over 19 years and my best friend. We are very similar in style and personality, which means we always laugh and see the good in everything. Amie also an internationally celebrated hairstylist, educator, trainer, influencer, and beauty innovator.

Hannah, Is our newest addition to the staff, she was our client for 7 years and went off and got her license to do hair, She did some extensive higher education courses and now she has been with us to learn about the hair extensions we offer. She is a wonderful person and has a natural gift with hair. 

A note from the owner

I am so excited to have Amie back with me, although we have had our ups and downs, We always remained friends. But now we are back together of which has always made us stronger. Now with both of us coming back together, we can collaborate what we have learned and become even better using our mistakes and successes to address any hair issue we come across. 

So keep in touch we will love to see you.

Other staff:
Misty - Salon C
Mark- Legal Team
Bob - Maintenance
Other Locations: 
Cabo Mexico

Other Services
Tattoo | Skin | Personal Training and MMA & Self Defense Classes.


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