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We have over 160 colors of hair extensions available to choose from in our salon for your convenience.

We carry Tape in hair extensions, I tip hair extensions, NBR, Weft and loop hair.


Our lengths start at 20 inches and we can cut your hair to the length you want.

When you choose your style, We can customize your hair to fit your hair perfectly and even add a fashion color for peekaboo looks

Exclusive Access for Certified Hairstylists: Emphasize that your hair extensions are exclusively available for hairstylists that have been certified with The Speak Easy Concept 

pdx hair extensions.
PDX Hair Extensions tutorials

PDX Hair Extensions tutorials

Kimberly schoene

Kimberly (AkA) Kymie is the proud owner and Master stylist at PDX Hair Extensions. With over 19 years in the industry, Kym is an internationally celebrated hairstylist, educator, trainer, influencer, and beauty innovator.

I have opened a non profit LITTLE VOICES and working on my new franchise THE SPEAK EASY CONCEPT

So keep in touch we will love to see you.

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