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Best Ways to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fun addition to any style but they require a fair amount of maintenance if you want them to look nice and last a long time. PDX Hair Extensions not only offers the best hair extensions in Portland, but we also know how to properly care for them. In today’s post, we break down some of the best things you can do to care for your hair extensions and prevent unnecessary damage. Read on to learn more and book an appointment at your Portland hair salon today!

Wash Your Extensions Correctly

Make sure you stock up on products your hairdresser recommends. Every extension type requires different products but in general, we recommend at the very least a sulfate-free shampoo to avoid degrading the quality of your extensions. We also recommend you detangle before jumping in the shower and only apply conditioner to your ends to avoid degrading the adhesive. Regardless, ask your hairdresser what the best wash routine is for your hair and extension types and stick to it.

Don’t Sleep With Wet Extensions

If you’ve ever fallen asleep with wet hair, you know you typically wake up with more than a few tangles. Similarly, this can be very damaging to your hair extensions. Detangling this mess can put a lot of strain on the bonds in your extensions, making them less secure and leaving them looking worn. Take it from us, dry your hair before you rest your head.

Brush With Care

Ever been a little too harsh on your natural hair and noticed a couple strands falling out? You can actually do the same with your hair extensions — the only difference is, your extensions won’t grow back. Regular detangling is important in maintaining your hair extensions but you must do so gently. Invest in a good detangling brush and try to brush more often so you’re not ripping through them infrequently.

Deep Condition Weekly

Your extensions may lose luster after a while because they are not getting the natural oils the rest of your hair gets. You can combat this with a weekly deep condition. Just make sure to only apply the conditioner to your ends so you don’t weaken the bonds; your natural hair will appreciate the hydration as well.


At PDX Hair Extensions we care about your extensions. We will work with you to ensure your hair extensions last as long as possible and look great the whole time. If you want the best hair extensions in Portland, book an appointment with us today!

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