Create texture   Add volume   Flexible hold


Create long-lasting lightweight texture and volume, while retaining hair’s natural movement. With flexible hold and matte finish. The more you apply, the stronger the hold.
A lightweight magical potion that does so much for hair – Blend Volume Powder instantly adds thickness and texture. Just sprinkle on normal to fine hair, then scrunch it up and be amazed. Curls can weigh down hair – so pump up your look by adding Blend Volume Powder to the roots and throughout the ends to lift and separate curly tendrils. Or combine your newly found volume with Blend Salt Mousse, on the lengths and strands of damp hair, to accentuate waves.


Features & Benefits:
Creates volume while retaining the hair’s natural movement.
Hair is left easy to style and restyle.
The hold is flexible – the more product applied, the stronger it gets.
Matte effect.
Great backcombing effect.
Lasts throughout the day.

Get the hair you always wanted!


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