Maximum hold   Matte finish   Water-resistant


Style hair and keep it in place all day with Blend Glue – a water-resistant product offering maximum level 10 hold and a matte finish.
Let’s get serious about hold. You’d need more than a stormy day to budge any hair you’ve glued into place with Blend Glue by Keune. This is water-resistant stuff that locks hairstyles in place – with our maximum level 10 hold, and an ultra-matte finish. We recommend Blend Glue for short to medium-length hair – and for strong, slightly curly hair, too. It will set those styles beautifully in place, without leaving hair sticky.


Keune BLEND Glue is for ultra strong, ultra matte, ultra stylish hair that can survive a hurricane. Water-resistant glue locks your hair in place without making it sticky.

Features & Benefits:
Multi Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair.
A special co-polymer forms a moisture-balancing, water-resistant film.
A blend of polymers creates a long-lasting, ultra strong hold.
Ultra matte.
Doesn’t leave hair sticky.

Get the hair you always wanted!


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