Meet Amber 

If you are looking to have a person on the phone to chat with instead of a text, Amber is the one to talk with. She will answer all your questions and quote for the services you are asking about. 

How Amber came to our salon

Amber came to us as a client, She would often come and visit at night when we would be closing and just hang out and talk needing a place to go to feel welcome. Over time she began to do little things here and there. 

Amber is an ex Military Marine, my father is a Marine and the respect I have for them, Made me take a harder look at a possible future for Amber. 


Her extensive education with schedules, Marketing, Management, and Apple products has made her the perfect fit for our little tight group. 


Amber worked for Apple for over a year, and was a helicopter technician in the Marines. She has a little knowledge in so many things it makes her a perfect blend. 



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